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7 Tips for Incorporating Cowboy Fashion Into a Men's Wardrobe

7 Tips for Incorporating Cowboy Fashion Into a Men's Wardrobe

Here at Cowboy Hardware, we've always believed that cowboys are style gods. Everyone from Sam Elliott to Elton John has dressed like a cowboy at one time or another. For men, the look is sexy, stylish, and downright cool.

But there is one problem — it's easy to overdo it on Western wear. We get that while many guys want to channel their inner Man with No Name, they also don't want to be mistaken for Robert Redford's Electric Horseman character.

Fortunately, cowboy fashion is surprisingly easy to incorporate into a men's wardrobe without going overboard. Here are seven tips to follow on how you can enjoy the trend so you get just that right amount of Wild West flair.

1. Wear Only One Western Inspired Piece

Instead of getting decked out head to toe in a hat, suede fringed jacket, belt, and Western boots opt to wear only one piece of clothing with an outfit that gives a nod to cowboy style.

It can be a button-down shirt with a bit of Western-inspired embroidery on the front and back yokes, a decorative silver-buckled belt, or a jacket inspired by cattle drivers.

By keeping the focus on one piece, you'll definitely show the world your nod to Western-style without looking like an extra from a movie. Less is more for men who want to dip their toes into the Western look.

2. Let Materials Inspire You

Suede, leather, denim, wool, and cotton are all common materials that have been used in Western clothing for decades. With that in mind, you can choose pieces made of these to quietly give your wardrobe an added cowboy kick, even if they're not promoted as Western wear.

For example, a simple denim shirt or sherpa-lined jacket can both pass for Western wear without looking too obvious.

3. Consider a Vest

If you saw the movie Django Unchained, then you may recall that the character of bounty hunter Dr. King Schultz always looked suave and pulled together in his suits and vests. Western-style vests come in a variety of materials and styles so that you too can add a touch of 1800s sophistication to your wardrobe.

4. Try a Great Pair of Boots

Footwear is one of the best ways to start sweeping Western fashion into your closet. Cowboy boots can be bright and flashy or subdued with wonderful decorative details. Which one is best for you is up to your personal preference, but one thing to keep in mind is that there's a lot of choices when it comes to Western footwear.

Instead of traditional calf covering cowboy boots, try an ankle boot in smooth leather and a silver-toned buckle, or rugged rancher's boots that can take outdoor work.

5. Have Fun with Accessories

Western accessories are where you can feel free to try more than one piece to spice up your ensemble cowboy style. For example, you can try wearing a bolo tie and a silver-tipped or embossed belt, or the belt with your Western-inspired footwear.

Wallets, money clips, and bags all count as accessories, too, so look for ones with Western touches such as embossed designs and decorative stitching to keep the theme going.

6. Don't Forget About Native American Details

The Old West wasn't just about cowboys; many Western clothing and accessories pay homage to our country's native Americans as well.

Try a Clint Eastwood inspired silver cuff in a masculine thickness and pattern. Or consider wearing a woolen cardigan sweater or jacket in a muted Native American pattern.

7. Experiment with Different Cowboy Hats Style

If you absolutely must have a hat, just know that cowboy hats come in a wide array of sizes and styles. What looks great on one man may prove overwhelming or even silly on another. With so many to choose from, you're bound to find the right one that you're comfortable with and that flatters your face shape.

Some popular cowboy hat styles include the gambler, the derby, the cattleman, and the pinched front. The hat's material is another quality to consider. Modern cowboy hats are made from wool, felt, straw, or leather.

Keep in mind that a felt, wool, or leather hat can collect dust or dirt, and require some light cleaning and maintenance to keep them looking their best.

Cowboy Fashion: What to Avoid

Now that you know some tips on the best ways to incorporate Western fashion into your clothing collection, know that there are some things you may want to avoid. These include:

Chaps and Studs

These are best left to ranchers, rodeo performers, and people who actually need them for a profession. They tend to look silly on the city slicker.


Unless it's Halloween and your costume is Woody from Toy Story, you probably don't want to walk around town wearing one around your neck. But a bandana can add a touch of cowboy coolness when folded up and tucked into your blazer's top pocket like a handkerchief.

Going Full-On Cowboy

As already mentioned, it's easy to take Western wear over the limit. You'll need to remind yourself to stick to one or two bold Western pieces or just sport Western accessories. In time, you'll know when you're striking the perfect balance of Western touches with your daily wardrobe.

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