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About Us

How it All Began

Cowboy Hardware was originally started with the idea of producing a new caliber of roping glove. A few hats and shirts were also created to brand this new glove. As the apparel sales took off, the main focus of the company shifted strictly to western apparel.

Grant and his son Ransom

At Cowboy Hardware & Cowgirl Hardware, we design everything for the modern Cowboy, Rancher, Farmer, or Western Family, because that’s what we are here… a family. Heck most everyone from the person answering the phone to the one shipping your order is an actual family member or family friend to the Founders Grant (on the left) and Lanie.

Grant, or as we like to call him around here, “The Ropin’ Fool” was born in Cave Creek, Arizona. It was his love for Team Roping and Horseback Riding that would lead him, and his high school sweetheart and now wife, Lanie, to eventually create the Cowboy Hardware Men’s Western Wear Company that was born in 1995. 

Just a few short years after our cowboy shirts, vests, caps, and jackets were taking off, we knew women’s western wear could use our take and style on cowgirl apparel too.

So Just like that Cowgirl Hardware was added to the Cowboy Hardware family and just like that, it took off!

But it didn’t stop there. With their feet firmly planted in the cowboy apparel and cowgirl apparel industry, and their little girl Presley rapidly growing and needing cute and adorable kids western wear of her own… Well, they sure knew they could do it better than anyone else out there! The family of adult western wear grew over night to include boys western wear and girls western wear offering sizes all the way down to 6 months old!

Our customers have been so pleased with our selection of western kids clothing we have received shout outs saying;

“For years I spent so much time searching for quality western wear for my little men—Unfortunately most of the big brand names only accommodate to youth sizes! That’s when I found Cowboy Hardware! I bought our first jacket and was hooked immediately! They create the most adorable western designed jackets, shirts, vests and more! Quality products and in styles and sizing you can’t find anywhere else.” – Whitney Benton (Western Couture) 

Western wear for kids turned out to be a great little niche we knew how to do right! Our kids western wear became the fastest growing category for our company, and with one look at the adorable styles, you will instantly know why. We spend just as much time and effort creating a shirt for a little 6-month-old infant cowboy or infant cowgirl as we do for the big ones. And our cowboy and cowgirl styles are still as popular as ever!

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