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How to Wear Western Fashion During Fall Season

Summer is winding down and, unless you live in the south, cooler temperatures are setting in. Now is the time for going all out at a football tailgate and accompanying your kids on school field trips. Naturally, you want to look your best and express your love for western fashion.

7 Tips for Incorporating Cowboy Fashion Into a Men's Wardrobe

It's easy to overdo it on Western wear. Fortunately, cowboy fashion is surprisingly easy to incorporate into a men's wardrobe without going overboard. Here are seven tips to follow on how you can enjoy the trend so you get just that right amount of Wild West flair.

Western Lifestyle


The land is just as much a family member than every person. It needs to be loved and nurtured just like any of us. It holds firm its place among us. It provides the foundation for generations of hard work. And just like any person, the effort you put in to your relationship with the land you will see in return.

Serving Western Looks: 5 Cowgirl Fashion Tips for Women

Love Western wear? You're in good company. For families that rock Western looks regularly, it's not so much about style as it is comfort and practicality. Nothing beats well-worn denim and broken-in boots. There is a way to combine everyday Western wear and high fashion. Read on for 5 fashion tips!

Western Lifestyle

"Country is a Lifestyle" and Cowboy Hardware is Country!

Cowboy & Cowgirl Hardware has become a one stop western shop to dress your entire family. They pride themselves on providing practical and versatile clothing for a western lifestyle. "Country is a lifestyle; from what I drive- an old Ford pickup, to what I sing and listen to- country music, to what I wear - Cowboy Hardware."

Transitioning Pieces into Fall

The temperatures have dropped, the trees are adorned with crisp leaves and the pumpkin spice latte controversy is in full swing. It can only mean one thing, it’s officially Fall. Instead, rather than swapping out your closet for an entirely new wardrobe, we’re taking all of our favorite Spring and Summer inspired blouses and stretching them through the next season too!

Kids Western Fashion

Western Wear for Kids

With the western fashion industry growing in popularity, clothing companies are pulling out all the stops in an attempt to keep up with the demand. One company in particular though, is making strides in areas that most large manufactures haven’t yet set foot in: Western wear for kids.

Introducing Cowboy & Cowgirl Hardware's Plethora Of Kids Western Wear

Cowboy & Cowgirl Hardware want to focus more on the “boy” and “girl” parts of that name specializing in Kids Western Wear. This means no more alterations on hand-me-downs. No more waiting for your kids to grow into clothes. And, no more trouble with quality infant designs.