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"Country is a Lifestyle" and Cowboy Hardware is Country!

"Country is a Lifestyle" and Cowboy Hardware is Country!
Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Cowboy and Cowgirl Hardware originally started with the idea to make a new caliber roping glove. Some hats and shirts were made to compliment the idea and brand and little did they know the apparel would be a hit! Cowboy & Cowgirl Hardware now focuses strictly on western apparel.
Cowboy and Cowgirl Hardware design apparel for the modern cowboy, rancher, farmer and the entire western family. In fact, Cowboy Hardware & Cowgirl Hardware itself is a western family. Founders, Grant and Lanie and their friends and family work hard to provide valuable apparel for the whole family.
Originally starting out with just the Cowboy Hardware element of the brand, they knew with the success they had for cowboy apparel that they could have a good shot with cowgirl apparel too! That's when Cowgirl Hardware was added to the Cowboy Hardware family. But it didn't stop there! Their little girl Presley would need all the western style that Grant and Lanie had, too! The family of adult western wear grew over night to include boys and girls western wear offering sizes all the way down to 6 months old! Kid's western wear became the fastest growing category for the company.
Essentially, Cowboy Hardware & Cowgirl Hardware has become a one stop western shop to dress your entire family. They pride themselves on providing practical and versatile clothing for a western lifestyle. Sponsored Cowboy mounted shooter, Kayla Jewell, is a major advocate for the brand. "We have to wear long sleeve button down western shirts anytime we are in the arena. I love Cowgirl Hardware western shirts. Not only are they stylish and unique and help me and my horse stand out in the arena they allow for comfort and a relaxed fit while having to run and shoot targets. It's very important for my arms to be free when I have to switch guns in the middle of running. I can't have my sleeves super tight or super long. Their button downs give me the flexibility I need to ride well and shoot straight!," Jewell commented.
Jewell competes almost every weekend and when she's not competing, you bet she's practicing. She stays in the comfortable and unique western button downs that Cowgirl Hardware offers all weekend long. "Cowgirl Hardware lines allow you to get dressed up when needed and dress down for comfort, that's why I love them," Jewell added.
Cowgirl Western Shirts perfect for Riding
Jolene Hansey is another faithful customer of Cowboy Hardware and Cowgirl Hardware. She's been shopping for her whole family at Cowboy Hardware for 3 years and her husband even longer. "I continue to patron the brand because their clothing is trendy and stylish. I like that their clothing is classy. They have nice print options for fabrics such as paisley instead of the traditional plaid 1990's look., " explained Hansey. You might catch their family out and about all matching in their Cowboy Hardware vests. "My son looks especially adorable in his Cowboy Hardware long underwear with steer head print. He wears them camping and under his vests when we are riding," she added.
Cowboy Hardware Long Underwear
The brand has proven to represent lifestyle in Arizona. Country singer/songwriter Brittany Tews represents Cowboy & Cowgirl Hardware.
"Country is a lifestyle; from what I drive- an old Ford pickup, to what I sing and listen to- country music, to what I wear - Cowboy Hardware," Tews attests. She claims that Cowboy Hardware is authentic. The music business requires a strong social media presence and Tews wants to share images that represent her and the music she writes and Cowboy Hardware completes that image. "They are Arizona, like me," Tews says.
From athletes in the round pen all the way down to your youngest cowboy and cowgirl proteges, Cowboy & Cowgirl Hardware is living up to its reputation of providing apparel for the whole western family. Their newly released fall 2018 line proves the same reliable, practicality of those before. For the women's line in particular you'll find the paisley prints you love in their selection of western button downs. Their new tees are extra comfortable with a soft stretchy fabric, but all the punch you need for a night out on the town. A fan favorite is the new style of poly-shell jackets. These jackets are thin enough for mobility but hold heat so you don't need that extra layer. It's practical enough for cool evenings in the barn and fashionable enough to sport to the NFR.
If your looking for an outfit appropriate for all the aspects of your day, Cowboy and Cowgirl Hardware is the way! You can shop the fall 2018 line on their website now!
~Written By: 
Emily Plecker

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