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How to Wear a Cap to Show off Your Cute Cowgirl Style

How to Wear a Cap to Show off Your Cute Cowgirl Style

Bad hair day? Trying to not look like you're overdressed? Want to support your favorite sports team but can't make your whole outfit about them? Caps are perfect for all these situations. 

But do you know how to wear a cap without it looking more sporty than sassy? We do - and we have outfit inspiration for you, below. 

Kendall Jenner Inspired

Sometimes Kendall serves us looks that are more regular-people than catwalk. The time she went out wearing distressed high-waisted jeans and a cropped turtleneck sweater with a cap was one of them.

Why does this outfit work? It's casual without being sloppy and it's still on-trend.

Most of us are used to wearing some sort of cropped shirt, as it's a big style for 2019. But not everyone who wants to participate in the cropped craziness wants to show that much skin. The coverage of a turtleneck combined with high waisted jeans makes it, so you're only showing a sliver of skin.

Depending on how high waisted your jeans are, this sliver could be right at your waist, which is usually the slimmest part of your torso.

Pull your hair back into a half pony and throw on a baseball cap plus some ankle booties (jeans over them) to complete the look.

With Jeans and a Tee

The most simple outfit there ever was is a nice pair of jeans, a decent looking (not ratty or oversized) t-shirt, and a cap. You can make the shirt anything you'd like - maybe it coordinates with the hat in color or theme, or maybe it doesn't.

If you're a solids person, a pair of jeans with a black or red shirt goes perfectly. Then your cap can be the added pop of color or interest your outfit needs.

To "level up" this outfit, pair it with a pair of dangly or cross-themed earrings. With your hair in a ponytail (through the hole in your cap) the earrings will balance out your updo.

They'll also make it look like you put way more effort into your outfit than you actually did. Comfortable, stylish, and low maintenance? This outfit is a cowgirl's best friend.

On a Rainy Day

Real cowgirls know that a cowboy hat in the rain isn't fun - especially if you have a classic leather or felted hat.

And while some raincoats or windbreakers have hoods, they're not always practical. When you're out on the ranch/farm or out and about, you need peripheral vision.

So how do you keep your roots from getting soaked without wearing a hood or a cheesy rain hat? Wear a cap! The fabric can handle the moisture, and the brim will keep your mascara dry.

When it comes to the right windbreaker or raincoat to pair it with, it depends on where you're going. Nike windbreakers or other sports-looking ones are great for practical uses.

But if you're out and about, break out your more official-looking raincoat. That will keep your baseball cap looking cute and casual and not like you're trying to hide a bad hair day.

With a Sundress

Not the dress type but feel like you can't wear your trusty jeans to an event? Throwing on a cap with a coordinating sundress will make sure you're dressed appropriately while keeping you in your comfort zone.

If needed, you can always take the cap off, and run your fingers through your hair.

This is also a great go-to when you're not sure what to wear to an event/how formal it really is. Your cap will dress it down if you feel like you're too fancy, and taking it off (and throwing on some earrings you brought in your purse) will class it up.

With the Ultimate Fall Outfit

Just because you know how to grow pumpkins, doesn't mean you're not pulled by the thought of flannels and a pumpkin spice latte.

To give in to your fall-aesthetic goals, wear a cap with leggings, a pair of chucks or boots, and an oversized flannel/vest.

As long as your leggings (or skinny jeans) and the shirt you're wearing under the flannel are fitted, you shouldn't look like you're wearing your dad's clothes.

The baseball cap is an extra detail that will keep you from looking like the other girls wearing this same outfit. That, and your cowboy boots!

Go ahead and order that PSL and even pick up one of those flannel scented candles,

With a Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are back in, so if you were alive (and dressing) in the 90s, rejoice! They're a little chicer (darker denim, more fitted shapes) than they were back then, but the rules for wearing them are the same.

We like them over a casual dress, with sunglasses and maybe a scarf (depending on the weather).

Adding a cap is the perfect way to finish off the outfit and to keep the casual throwback look going.

How to Wear a Cap (Without Getting Hat Hair)

Sometimes you throw on a hat because you haven't washed your hair in a while. We get it! But what happens if you have to take off the cap at the table, or for another reason?

You still need your hair to look decent. If you're putting on a cap because you're past-due for a wash, always add some dry shampoo to your roots. This will keep the grease from pooling and getting worse under the cap.

And always brush your hair before you put the cap on as well. If you're wearing a ponytail, don't just lean back and throw it up - at least make sure you brush through your roots to keep the top of your head smooth.

With those tips on how to wear a cap for the modern cowgirl, what are you waiting for? Shop these western-chic options, now!

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