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How to Wear Western Fashion During Fall Season

How to Wear Western Fashion During Fall Season

Summer is winding down and, unless you live in the south, cooler temperatures are setting in. Now is the time for going all out at a football tailgate and accompanying your kids on school field trips. Naturally, you want to look your best and express your love for western fashion.

Struggling to find the best way to coordinate your outfits? We've got you covered. Read on to learn how to wear western fashion this fall (and stay warm, too).

Opt for a Classic Dress + Boots Combo

There's nothing more iconic in women's western fashion than a beautiful dress paired with a pair of cowboy boots. Think Sandra Bullock dancing with Harry Connick Jr. in Hope Floats.

While it's still warm, you can transition your simple summer sundresses to fall with a pair of colorful cowboy boots. As the weather cools down, swap your summer dresses for long sleeve babydoll dresses and neutral boots. When it gets chilly, warm up with a denim jacket and a scarf.

Prefer something more conservative? Boots look great with maxi length dresses, too! 

Pair a Cute Skirt with a Western Shirt

If you're not feeling a dress, but still want to show off your boots, you can pair a great western shirt with a skirt. Western shirts have lots of little details that make them a fashionable choice — from intricate embroidery to beautiful patterned fabric. The more detailed the shirt, the more simple the skirt should be.

For example, pair a pink plaid western shirt with a white, knee-length skirt and a neutral boot. Not only will you be warm, but you'll fashionable, too! 

Accessorize with Turquoise and Silver

A great outfit is not a truly great outfit unless you've accessorized. An understated silver cross necklace is always a great option when you're headed to work or running errands. But when you're headed out for a big event, like the iconic Houston Rodeo or a Luke Bryan concert, you can opt for bolder options like a silver wrist cuff or a turquoise statement necklace.

Looking for something in between? Try a long turquoise and silver necklace with a black lace dress and nice boots. When it comes to jewelry, your options are endless.

Keep Warm with Suede

Think suede is just for boots, handbags, and chaps? Think again! Suede is one of the most versatile and luxurious materials for clothing and accessories, and a tan suede jacket is a must for fall fashion.

The best thing about suede jackets is that they're super versatile. Transition your summer maxi dresses to fall by warming them up with a short suede jacket (and don't forget the fringe). You can also make a pair of skinny jeans and tank top look extra chic with a long suede jacket.

Not a fan of wearing real suede? Trying to save a few dollars? A real suede jacket is a great investment, but faux suede works just as well.

Carry a Saddle Bag

The great thing about western fashion is that you don't need a bunch of western items to let people know what your style is. Pair the right accessory with an outfit full classic items and you'll look country chic. 

For example, you can pair a simple black babydoll dress or jeans and a long sleeve tee with an ornately detailed or embossed leather saddle bag purse and give out strong country vibes.

Wearing a bolder outfit? Swap out your embossed leather saddle bag for a simple brown saddle bag to complete your look.

When In Doubt, Reach for Denim

There's nothing more classic in western fashion than an outfit that features denim. Whenever you're not sure about what to wear, you can't go wrong with denim. 

Headed to the store or to pick up the kids from school? Nice jeans and a white t-shirt looks great tucked in or left out. But if you're going out for a date night, a short denim skirt and a billowy top will knock your date's boots off.

Plus, there's good news for people who are a fan double denim — it's back in style! That doesn't mean wearing the same shade of denim from head to toe. Mix things up by wearing black denim pants with a blue denim jacket or, if you want to wear a single color, go with light or super dark denim.

You Definitely Need a Belt Buckle

When most people think country and western fashion, they definitely think of belt buckles. Belt buckles are versatile and look just as great with a nice pair of jeans and a tucked-in t-shirt as they do with a dress.

One of the best things about belt buckles is that they can be customized to represent everything from your favorite football team to your state pride. 

Western Fashion Is for Kids, Too

Sometimes the best way to show off your country style is to dress up your children. Have a family photo shoot coming up? Put them all in matching western shirts and cowboy hats for a Christmas card-worthy family photo.

Taking the kids to soccer practice or for riding lessons? Pack their supplies up in an embroidered Cowboy Hardware gear bag. Or send them to school in some adorable western t-shirts and jeans.

Ready to Revamp Your Wardrobe?

When it comes to western fashion, the key is to pair ornate pieces with simpler pieces. You do not have to go over the top with every item that you wear. In fact, sometimes it's enough to go super casual with a pair of nice denim jeans, a white t-shirt, and a great hat.

Want more articles that'll help you keep you up to date on all things country and western fashion for you and the kids? You're in the right place. Check out the rest of our blog for everything you need to know and more.

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