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Street Style: 9 Stylish Ways to Wear Your Cowboy Boots

Street Style: 9 Stylish Ways to Wear Your Cowboy Boots - Cowboy & Cowgirl Hardware

If you like cowboy boots, you're in luck. The popularity of this bold accessory comes in waves, with their popularity surging every time a celebrity chooses to pair them with an outfit. In the 70s, they were a huge part of the post-hippie aesthetic, and in the 00s Britney Spears put a new, sexy spin on them by pairing her with a bikini.

For many people, though, cowboy boots are a simple fashion statement. For many others, they're a symbol of American heritage and an accessory that pays respect to home.

If you're a cowboy boot aficionado, you've probably wondered a few times how you should incorporate them into your wardrobe. What do you wear them with? (Bless your heart if you think there's just one outfit.) How do you select the color or style of cowboy boots that will best go with your clothes?

Here, we're going to give you some stylish ways to wear cowboy boots no matter who you are!

For Him

For men who want to wear cowboy boots, there are a ton of options that you can try out. Both classic and individualistic outfits look amazing when you choose to spice them up with this western accessory. Read on for some tips on how to do this!

1. Keep It Simple

Classics are classics for a reason: they never go out of style. A plaid shirt, a large belt buckle, and faded blue jeans tucked into brown, red, or black cowboy boots? Well, there's one of the best classics out there. If you want to have a little fun, try pairing the color of your boots to your belt buckle!

2. The Best of the West

There are also a fair number of Western-style shirts on the market. These snap, print, and plaid shirts are button-ups that are easy to pair with any pair of cowboy boots. Plus, since you can choose between both short and long-sleeved styles, you're looking at awesome outfits year-round!

3. Accessorize Properly

Of course, accessorizing properly is key to making your cowboy boots blend seamlessly in with your outfit. Carrying a wallet made from the same color and texture of leather goes a long way, as does making sure the color of your boots doesn't clash with your belt.

For Her

Don't worry, ladies! The men don't get to have all the fun. In fact, there are a lot more things that you can do with cowboy- or should we say, cowgirl- boots than the men in your life could even dream up. Read on to learn some awesome ways to saddle up!

4. With a Dress

Wearing cowgirl boots with dresses is an incredibly popular fashion trend among 21st-century women. Floral skirts are awesome with cowboy boots because of the juxtaposition between a garden and a plains aesthetic. You can wear pretty much any short dress (or pair of shorts) with cowboy boots and look fantastic, though. Denim dresses look fantastic, too, because they put a funky and feminine spin on cowboy blue-jeans.

5. That Braided Jeans Look

Speaking of cowboy blue-jeans and a traditional cowgirl look, a classic that never goes out of style is made up of three parts: long braid, flannel shirt, and high-waisted jeans. This outfit, in conjunction with your favorite pair of cowboy boots, is sure to draw all eyes to you.

6. Bags Galore

Bags are a girl's best friend, and you're in luck: there are bags specifically designed to go with your cowgirl boots aesthetic. These rolling duffels come in all sizes and can carry pretty much anything you want with you. They're especially awesome when it comes to going on trips since they're so durable!

For the Kids

If your little tikes want in on the cowboy and cowgirl fun, there's no reason to leave them out. In fact, pairing these accessories with children's outfits is an adorable and unique way to let them express themselves! Here, we're going to discuss some ways that your kids can wear your favorite accessories.

7. Kid's Western Wear

When it comes to creating an outfit for your kids to wear their favorite cowboy boots with, you need to look no further than children's western styles. Designed for easy movement that allows hours of comfortable play, there are a huge variety of collard shirts and high-waisted jeans for the little ones to wear their boots with.

8. Do Their Hair Up Cute

No matter whether you have a son or a daughter (but particularly if you have a daughter), let them experiment with various traditional wild west hairstyles. This means a lot of braided hairstyles for girls who want their hair up and loose waves for those who want to let it down. For the boys, a little sideburn never hurt anybody!

9. Let Them Play

No matter what, kids need to be given the space and freedom to grow, learn, and play. One of the best ways to do this is to get them a little stuffed horsey to play with while running around in their cowboy boots. Try getting one in a color that matches their favorite footwear- they'll thank you!

Add Cowboy Boots to Your Look for a Fun Fashion Choice

Wherever you're from, making a statement with fashion is essential. Having a nice pair of cowboy boots is an awesome way to express yourself and what good style you have.

Now that you know what to pair our cowboy boots with to make a cohesive outfit, it's time to get shopping. Visiting our online shop is awesome, but why not check with our store locator and see if we have a brick-and-mortar store near you, too?

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