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Be the Ultimate Country Couple With These His and Hers Country Western Outfits

Be the Ultimate Country Couple With These His and Hers Country Western Outfits

Country Western Outfits

Live the ultimate cowboy and cowgirl dream by stepping out in matching country Western outfits with your sweetheart. 

While many people think country is a dying genre, they're wrong. It's still going strong, with a 15.2% market share of radio listeners. That places it in the number one spot.

Maybe you and your partner love country music and are cowboys and cowgirls at heart. What better way to display this passion for country than by getting some matching country western outfits?

To show love to your sweetheart, here are some women's and men's matching outfits you can wear together. Read on for some ideas of what to wear.

Hardware Western Shirts

Hardware western shirts are always a great choice because they have a simple aesthetic but a very obvious cowboy feel to them. While they look slightly masculine in design, hardware western shirts still look amazing on women and are created to fit their curves just perfectly. So, these are great ladies' cowgirl shirts.

You can either match one another perfectly by picking the same color or show a little bit of personal flair by getting different tones. Or you can even choose several different hardware western shirts to have various colors in your closet.

It's true that hardware western shirts are mostly plain, but you can also get some that are embroidered with small patterns, such as a horse. You can have tons of fun looking for shirts that have cute unique designs.

What's great about these shirts is you can wear them all year long. In the summer, pair them with jean shorts and roll up your sleeves, and in the winter, with the sleeves down paired with jeans and some leather boots.

Plaid Long-Sleeve Shirts

If both of you aren't very into fashion and have a more laidback look, then plaid long-sleeve shirts may be ideal. These have interesting patterns and you'll look put-together without having to make much effort with these country western shirts.

Like with the hardware western shirts, you can wear these shirts in practically all seasons. Just roll the sleeves up or down depending on what the weather's like.
And because they come in so many color schemes, you can either match your partner exactly or choose shirts in your own favorite colors to put a personal touch on your outfits.

Good Pair of Jeans

You can't have a country western outfit without the jeans, of course! This is also a part of the outfit where you can match yet show your own style at the same time.
Consider this: there are various cuts of jeans, such as skinny, boot, and flared. Plus, jeans come in a variety of shades, so you can wear a light-colored pair while your partner wears a dark one. Or, if you both have multiple pairs, you can switch it up on different days.

With good pairs of jeans in your wardrobe, it'll add a great touch to your country western outfits.

Leather Jackets

When it's cold outside, you'll want to cover up. But how can you do so while still showing off your country couple's shirts?

With some leather jackets, of course!

Leather is made to withstand wind and other weathering, which means you'll stay nice and warm. Plus, it adds to the whole cowboy aesthetic.

Leave the front open and both you and your significant other will be able to show everyone your matching couple's shirts still. It's a win-win situation.

Leather Boots

Another part of the classic country western look is the leather boots. Like most other things on this list, cowboy boots come in a variety of colors and designs, which means the possibilities are endless when you go shopping for them.

Pick ones that match one another perfectly, or you can veer off into your personal style and choose leather boots that are completely different from your partner's. Either way, you'll both be wearing cowboy boots that'll complete your outfits.

What's great is cowboy boots go well with almost anything. So whether you're wearing jeans, jean shorts, or a skirt, you can always throw your pair of boots on and you'll still look stunning.

Cowboy Hats

The first cowboy hat was designed by John B. Stetson in 1865. While it's evolved throughout the years, the cowboy hat is still going strong with the country western aesthetic.

So of course, you and your significant other need to have at least one hat each to really complete your outfits.

These range in plain designs to ones with rhinestones. If you're a woman who loves pink, you can even get cowboy hats that are dyed hot pink. Or for the husband, he can get one that's dyed and designed to look as if it were in flames.

Trucker Hats

A big old cowboy hat can be too much when it's stifling hot outside. So why not trade it in for a trucker hat, when it gets warm out? It'll still provide you with relief from the sun, but without the heaviness.

With these hats, it gives you another opportunity to match with your sweetie. These snapbacks are embroidered with beautiful designs, such as crosses, bull skulls, and Aztec panels.

When both of you have these trucker hats on, plus your matching outfits, everyone on the street will instantly know that you belong together.

Where to Find Western Couple Looks

Pick out some country western outfits today, now that you've gotten some great ideas for matching couple country western outfits. There are probably all sorts of creations swirling around in your head. So get to purchasing some new items for you and your sweetheart's wardrobes, and you'll be hitting the streets in the most fashionable and amazing matching outfits.

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