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Introducing Cowboy & Cowgirl Hardware's Plethora Of Kids Western Wear

Introducing Cowboy & Cowgirl Hardware's Plethora Of Kids Western Wear

The term Cowboy wear might conjure up images of outfits for the average ranch worker. Something with a Western feel and authentic design that will appeal to hard-working men. Cowboy & Cowgirl Hardware want to focus more on the “boy” and “girl” parts of that name specializing in Kids Western Wear. There are many families that will surely agree that it can be tough to find kids wear with a Western feel. Some major retailers have a limited selection that doesn’t really go far enough to meet consumer needs. That is why the brand has developed their range with more styles, sizes and cuts. Cowboys and Cowgirls of all ages can now enjoy high quality clothing with ease.

Childrens’ Western Wear that really fits.

This is a problem that many parents and grandparents will know all too well. There are many stores that claim to offer a good range of kids’ clothing with a Western theme, but are actually quite limited. This leaves families in a bit of a predicament. Do they buy clothes in advance, with the hope that their grandchildren will still want these items in the future? Or, do they buy large and try to tailor the garments to fit. Some would say that if you are going to go to that sort of extreme in amending clothes, why buy new at all! This leads to the problem of hand-me-downs. No child wants their older sibling’s cast-offs when they can have something new and beautiful. They deserve something that is truly their own.

That is why Cowboy and Cowgirl Hardware offer some of the best items of kids Western wear in such a vast range of sizes. There are plenty of options to fit kids of all ages, with the smallest as young as 6 months old. This means that the whole family can enjoy the same great quality and designs. Toddlers can emulate their parents with cute outfits made for their age. Older kids can pick between different designs to find the perfect choice for them. The same care and quality is clear from the smallest romper for 6 month old babies to the XL pullovers for older children.

This new range offers Western Kids Wear with a lot of style.

Going back to that idea of clothes that emulate parents and other heroes, the style and designs here are as important as the fit. There is nothing cute or childish about the jeans in the boy’s range. These jeans use high quality denim with great attention to detail. The dark wash pair with the barbwire stitching is a great example.

The boys outerwear will also appeal to many parents that want a choice, but also the assurance that they can find high quality garments. There is a nice blend here between traditional and modern. There are some great skull prints and graffiti effects to give young boys a bit of edge. Yet, there is something comfortingly familiar about the Raglan designs and vintage prints. These warm, comfortable pullovers come in sizes from XS to XL, so even the skinniest little cowboy should find a good fit.

Ongoing development at Cowboy & Cowgirl Hardware has led to a growing selection of girls’ clothing, too!

Families will also be impressed with the range of styles and cuts on the dresses in the girls western wear section. There are some attractive prints with themes running from floral motifs to equine and south-western looks. Some are short sleeved Bandana dresses, while others are long sleeved with lace effects or suede. This gives parents a greater choice of style options so they can pick what best suits their child's personality. It also lets girls show a little more individuality than is sometimes possible with more limited, stereotypical ranges.

The range of designs and colors continues with girl’s outerwear. This isn’t just a copy of the boy’s range in female sizes, nor is it an overtly girly take on Western designs. There are some girly raglan pullovers and long-sleeved zipped top with ponies and pink. Still, the “Rodeo Rockstar” pullover will appeal to the tomboys in the family.

Then there are the options in infant western wear.

There are often cases where the infant western wear is something of an afterthought with western wear brands. They throw in a few boots or jeans and have a minimal range. Here, parents and grandparents can browse miniature versions of the categories available for older children. There are jeans, shirts and outerwear for girls and boys. There are also infant dresses, tees and knits. This means that not only is there a wider selection, parents can also buy seasonal wardrobes.

One benefit of the range of sizes is that kids of different ages can enjoy the same prints. A great example is the “There's Tough & Then There's Cowboy Tough” design. This is sort of print that leaps out to relatives after the perfect present for a young child. The image and slogan are adorable and work well on items for young boys and girls. Cowboy and Cowgirl Hardware now offer this print on rompers and tees for youngsters. The romper has a nice unisex quality with the purple color and comes in sizes of 6, 12, 18 and 24 months. There are also more traditional blue and pink options for older children.

The different options here mean that parents are spoiled for choice when searching for top Kids Western Wear.

In an ideal world, busy parents should be able to kit out all their kids in great garments from one store. The brand development into girls and infants means this is now possible at Cowboy and Cowgirl Hardware. There are lots of great designs and styles for kids and relatives to choose from, across a wide range of categories. This expansion means no more alterations on hand-me-downs. No more waiting for your kids to grow into clothes. And, no more trouble with quality infant designs.

 If you want to shop designs not found on and only offered to specific retailers make sure to shop at Cavender’s, Boot Barn, Lammle’s, and more! Find the closest store to you by using the store locator! Feel free to ask any questions you may have and contact Cowboy Hardware & Cowgirl Hardware today!

Written by: Telegenic Marketing

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