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5 Western Wardrobe Essentials Every Cowgirl Needs

5 Western Wardrobe Essentials Every Cowgirl Needs

Across the country, there are over 650 rodeos every year. As a cowgirl, you're likely to see your fair share of them, and you want to make a good impression.

So when your work jeans are showing their work a little too well, what should you wear? Here are five wardrobe essentials every cowgirl needs.

At Least Three Pairs of Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots have long been an iconic staple of western wear. They're practical, durable, and stylish too. You've got your work boots, your church boots, and your going-out boots.

How did cowboy boots show up in western culture in the first place? The first cowboy boots came from Spanish vaqueros. They were the first people to herd cows throughout Texas.

And every bit of the cowboy boot was fine-tuned for optimal performance. The cowboy boot is a work boot for horse riders.

It doesn't have laces that could snag. The toe is rounded or pointed to make it easy to get into the stirrups. They're made from leather to protect the wearer from all the dangers of working in the wild west.

So when you wear your boots, you're wearing a finely crafted piece of history.

For your essential cowgirl wardrobe, we recommend you keep three styles of boots. One pair should be your daily workers, and you should make this an investment piece. Make sure they're genuine leather, comfortable, and practical for your day-to-day activities.

A second pair should be a bit fancier - but avoid rhinestones. They take away from the traditional style of cowboy boots, and they're impractical. Instead, shoot for something with nice lacing or a pretty color like white or teal.

Save this pair for special occasions, like church, barn dances, and dates. They pair well with a nice pair of jeans or a summer sundress.

Your third pair should be somewhere between. They're a nice practical option when your work boots are too dirty and your nice boots are too fancy.

Two Styles of Blue Jeans

Blue jeans are an essential staple of any western wardrobe. The first blue jeans were invented by Levi Strauss and his partner Jacob Davis. Levi's, Lee and Wrangler are the oldest jean brands still on the market.

Blue jeans had a rich, stylistic history. They even became a statement of rebellion for greaser culture in the 1960s. Of course, they found their place in western culture long before then.

Cowboys quickly adapted jeans because they were durable and flexible.

Most cowgirls choose a standard boot cut because they're practical. But if you're a bit more of a fashionista go with skinny jeans too. You can tuck them into your boots for a tight, stylish fit.

Pay attention to the different washes on your jeans. Jeans with less wash tend to be more durable, so jeans with more wash are best for outings.

Want to know how to make your blue jeans work all fall long? We have a complete list of how to make western fashion work for you.

There's No Such Thing as Too Many Flannel Shirts

A flannel shirt is an absolute must in a cowgirl's wardrobe. Get three or four of them. Flannel shirts date back to the 1600s in Wales. Farmers wore them to stay out of the elements.

They continue to be a blue-collar staple. But they're practical, versatile, and still stylish.

There are also plenty of ways you can wear them. If you're at a rodeo or other semi-formal western event, the standard style is to button up and tuck it in.

But you can also layer your flannel over a tank top and knot your flannel at your waist to accent your figure. Or tie your flannel around your hips when it's hot out.

Between the versatility and tradition, every cowgirl needs a flannel shirt.

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Trendy and Traditional Statement Jewelry

All good cowgirls need a few pieces of statement jewelry. Traditional western fashion consists of a lot of turquoise and leather. But feel free to branch out too.

Growing styles include strings of beads, feathers, and dream catchers. These choices work better in more formal western environments. Traditional styles are better suited for rodeos.

When you plan your jewelry, limit yourself to two to three pieces. Too many more starts to look trashy.

A Sturdy Leather Belt

Every cowgirl needs a leather belt, and a quality belt can last for years. Don't skimp on a decent belt so you can get the most for your money.

A leather belt is a practical and vital accessory every time you put on a pair of jeans. Since it's leather, it's sturdy, and won't give up on you.

When you pick your belt, make sure you can change out the buckle. This way you can change the buckle for whatever occasion suits you, and you can show off your trophy buckle too.

Bonus: Your Trophy Belt Buckle

As we covered, get a belt where you can change out the belt buckle. Then start your buckle collection! Feel free to collect and big silver buckle that appeals to you.

But when you win a trophy belt buckle, make sure to flaunt it at your next rodeo.

With These Five Wardrobe Essentials, You're Always Ready

These five simple wardrobe essentials ensure your closet is stocked for any occasion.

You can use jeans to dress an outfit up or down, and so can a flannel. Set the tone with a few pairs of cowboy boots. Go for a more modern or traditional look with your statement jewelry.

With western fashion, it doesn't take much to have a timeless, versatile wardrobe. This list should help get you started.

Ready to upgrade your cowgirl wardrobe? Check out our women's western wear here.

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