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Western Family Fun: Your Guide to Dressing the Family In Matching Western Attire

Western Family Fun: Your Guide to Dressing the Family In Matching Western Attire

Whether you're heading out on the town or making memories at home, your family can have some Western-style fun. All you need is some matching Western attire. 

Howdy, partner! If you and your family are living the country lifestyle, you know how hard the work can be. For work this tough, it's important to dress the part.
You'll need clothes that protect you from the sun and elements that also help you get the job done. It doesn't hurt to look good while doing it, either.

While it was originally intended for the hard-working ranchers out west, western attire has trickled into today's fashions. It doesn't have to be all work and no play!

Western-wear is a stylish choice that can transition from the ranch to the school or office or even to a party. Get your family outfitted in matching western outfits for a get-the-job-done look that's sure to say "yee-haw!"


The Anchor of Western Attire Let's start with the most essential part of any complete western wear look: the boots. Cowboy boots come in many different styles; there's a boot for every job and occasion. When picking out the right boots for you and your family, "form follows function" definitely applies. 

What are you going to be doing while wearing your boots? Are your boots going to be for gettin' the job done day after day? Or are they for a dressier occasion like a night out on the town? Your intended use will narrow down your options. 

Once you've got that sorted out, it's time to choose your leather. For a more western formal dress look, exotic leather will be the way to go. Caiman crocodile or ostrich skin boots look great on both men and women. If plain smooth leather is more your thing then go with that! They can be dressed up or dressed down and only look better with age. Plus, you won't feel so bad when the kids inevitably mess 'em up.


Jeans can be the easiest way to get the whole family dressed up in matching cowboy attire. The legends of the west became popular in 1853 during the peak of the gold rush. Miners came to trust Levi Straus' design because the denim was sturdy enough to withstand the abuse of tough labor, and they could hold up to repeated washings. 

Denim slipped into the mainstream during the 20th century as audiences fell in love with the Hollywood westerns which graced movie screens across the nation. Denim jeans continued to grow in popularity around the world and still hold up today as the go-to for dependable workwear.

The jeans of today come in many different colors and washes. To achieve a matching look for the family, stick to the same brand for the guys, gals, and kids. Find the same wash, light, dark, or somewhere in between, and get a pair in everyone's size. Matching stitching on the back pockets is a subtle detail not to be overlooked! 


Now that we've built a solid foundation for matching cowboy attire, let's put it all together. Western-styled shirt choices differ for men and women but there are a few key design elements to keep in mind as you build your family's look.


It would be fun to let the kids chose a color and go from there! You don't all necessarily have to own the same shirt, but chose ones that have at least one color in common. Matching by color alone will let mom go for the fringe and dad for the plaid. This way everyone is happy!


If you're building your western outfit for a party, nothing says you've been out the range all day like a classic plaid shirt. Mom, dad, and the kids will certainly look the part while wearing matching checkered shirts tucked into denim jeans. 


If it's too hard to all commit to one color or pattern, stick to at least one design element of western-style shirts. Your family will certainly catch some eyes at the next county fair if everyone is donning shirts with pearl snaps. These stand out more than regular buttons and are one key design that makes a western-style shirt. 

Y'all could even get matching embroidery on your shirts. Embroidery for western shirts is done in a contrasting color so it really stands out. You can usually choose from floral, star, or paisley patterns. If you really want to solidify yourselves as a western family, look into custom embroidery options for a design that only you guys will have.

Jewelry and Accessories

Here's where we get to have some fun! Choose western accessory pieces such as handbags, earrings, necklaces, and belt buckles that fit your personal style. This will give everyone a chance to show off something unique. Try sticking to a similar theme, such as turquoise, for a way to bring the family's look together. 

The fellas' might be wondering how to accessorize western attire, so its a darn good thing there are a lot of options! Go big with a sterling belt buckle with turquoise inlay. Tie your whole look together (literally) with a bolo tie, and don't forget the details with cufflinks. 

Top It All off With a Hat

No western themed outfit is complete without a hat. Traditional cowboy hats are also known as a Stetson. Stetsons were designed to keep the sun out of your eyes and off of your face. 

If your kids aren't comfortable wearing a traditional cowboy hat, a baseball cap will protect them from the sun and still complete the look. Baseball caps are a more modern version of a traditional cowboy hat that still has western-wear written all over it. The only time a baseball hat might not be appropriate is when you have on your western formalwear. 

Where to Find Western Looks for the Whole Family

Off to the Races From the hat, all the way down to the boots; we hope you've got some western attire ideas that the whole family will enjoy. You will always be in style with this timeless look, and you'll be sure to turn some heads at the next party, rodeo, or at home (the cows pay attention, right?)

If we've spurred your interest, be sure to check out some of the looks we offer for men, women, and children.

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